House on a Hill – Cork

This family home is located on a challenging site, on a steep incline sloping south-east, with lovely views across a valley.

To make best use of the slope, the house appears single-storey when approached from the entrance at the north and two-storey when viewed from the garden to the south.

The house only reveals itself on passing the threshold and is full of surprises.

A dynamic light-filled entrance hall with stairs and gallery, links the upper and lower levels.

Built for a young family, it was opted to locate the main living areas on the lower level allowing direct access to the gardens.

Bedrooms and an upper living area are at the entrance level. All the living areas & bedrooms face out over the gardens enjoying views and sunshine.

At garden level the elevation steps in and out to create covered porches and sheltered outdoor spaces.

Internally the garden level living spaces flow from one to another, with a dynamic entrance hall and gallery overlooking the two-storey